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Object 00
Object is a sub-line of Midnight Factory focusing on experimental and casual design creations. Discover the possibility of everything that happens in our daily lives. Object 00 #sealed is our first attempt from the influence of seal itself, recreating plastic seals with a entirely different characteristic.


There is nothing worse than a bulky wallet. Midnight Factory cardholders hold all your daily-essential cards so that you can leave your wallet in your bag and keep it slim. From now, you never need to carry around half the cards which you do not use in your daily life. Say goodbye to bulky pockets. Our cardholders are made from selected Italian calfskin leather, lined with contrast-coloured textile and printed with vibrant graphics patterns. Neatly designed card slots and a central compartment for bills. Submerge you in a new sensation of fashion and luxurious leather goods.

Camoflage Print
Leather Cardholder

HKD 420

Orb of the Night
Embossed Leather Cardholder

HKD 420 350

Electricity Flash Print
Leather Cardholder

HKD 420

Passport Holders

A nice passport holder always helps to make your passport easily identifiable. It’s always easier to pick out your passport with unique and nicely designed case among bunches of stuff in your bag. The interior of our passport holders is expertly crafted with luxurious Italian calfskin leather complimented by artistic prints or crocodile embossed leather on the exterior of the holder. It can hold a maximum of two passports and four cards, giving you both functionality and extravagance. A great piece of accessory that is good for both personal use or as a gift for your beloved ones. Why not start your vacation with our trendy passport?

"Be The Boss" Print Crocodile Embossed
Leather Passport Holder

HKD 650

White Crocodile Embossed
Leather Passport Holder

HKD 650

Black Crocodile Embossed
Leather Passport Holder

HKD 650






The moon's just cooler to work under,
while you can truely be your own boss.

- Midnight Factory     #betheboss




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